Dr. Adriano M. Sancin, MD DGO DHTM

Senior Consultant in Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Summary CV

Senior consultant in Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Gynaecology and Obstetrics. In the 1960s completed specialization residency under the world-renowned professor F. Novak, Medical school – University of Ljubljana. In the 1990s, he graduated from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine – University of London.

He began to practice Tropical Medicine at the Hospital of Albert Schweitzer (Nobel Prize) in Lambarene, Gabon, Equatorial Africa, from 1985 to 1990. After his first mission in Gabon, he founded the Italian Albert Schweitzer Association.
Thereafter, he worked in several African countries, from the East to the West end of the Continent during peacetime and war for different international Agencies.

In the Horn of Africa, he have had three years of experience in field war surgery treating casualties of civil war, and forward in charge of several humanitarian programmes in developing countries of the sub-Saharan belt where was particularly involved in training and demographic programmes. His clinical and research interests focus on water treatment techniques, vector control, gynaecologic and obstetrics emergencies in developing countries, diseases related to malaria and other tropical pathologies, public health, family planning, education.
He is the author of many important historical, medical and anthropological writings on the people of the Sahara desert, pre-Columbian cultures in Latin Americas, and classic European medical arts.

Dr. A.M. Sancin won the Albert Schweitzer's International Prize in 1994, the Gabon Government Prize in 1997, and a special award for services in 2002 from the FOREM Foundation - Algeria.
In the 1960s Member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation - London, in the 1990s Member of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine - London, and from 2007 Director of the University Teaching Hospital, N’Djamena – Tchad.

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